By filling out a client form we can get to know you better. This is optional and great should you like LBB to tailor inclusions where possible to suit your interests, colouring, personal taste and fashion, lifestyle, hair and beauty needs/wants.

If your LBB is in-fact for somebody else and you are purchasing this on their behalf, please request an LBB Customer Gift Form and do not fill out this form. Please contact us regarding this at

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All LBB’s are delivered Monday to Friday during business hours, so please make sure the delivery address you request delivery to has someone there during those times and days. If you work full time, we recommend having your LBB delivered to your work address, this also allows for someone else to sign for your LBB on your behalf.

Alternatively you’re welcome to list a PO Box address.
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Such as somebody’s style that you admire. It’s ok if you don’t.
For example: jeans and layered tops, dresses over leggings, silk shorts with cotton tops and wedges.
For example: Hair: dry shampoo, frizz serum, treatment Beauty: classic red lipstick, face cleanser, perfume Lifestyle: deluxe candle, day spa voucher, cinema tickets Fashion: retro sunnies, stiletto heels, clutch